Grounds and Landscaping

Fleetwood West grounds include the subdivision entrances at Memorial and Bayou River Drive, and Memorial and Fleetwood Place Drive, as well as the green spaces and tree-lined sidewalks that meander through the patio homes.

We also maintain the landscaped areas on the perimeter of the neighborhood outside the brick walls on Addicks-Howell at Memorial, and along Memorial Drive between Addicks-Howell and Fleetwood Place Drive.

The Grounds and Landscaping Committee works hard to keep these areas lighted, safe and looking their best. If you have a question or would like to help with any of the Committee's duties outlined below, please contact the Fleetwood West President.

  • Supervise our contract landscaper on Fleetwood West common areas, Memorial Drive and Addicks-Howell;
  • Help monitor the common area irrigation system;
  • Help identify trees that need trimming;
  • Help monitor the lighting in common areas and along Memorial Drive;
  • Work with contractors as needed on street, sidewalk and alley repairs; and
  • Help with holiday decorations and display of the American flag at our entrances.