Vehicle ID Decal Program

In an effort to enhance our collective security and make it easy to determine if a vehicle belongs in our neighborhood, Fleetwood West and Fleetwood have implemented a vehicle decal program. Please scoll down using the bar at right to read where to apply the decal and how to obtain additional ones.

Where to Apply Decal
The 1.5" decal is inconspicuous and anonymous. It should be applied to your car's rear window glass on the passenger side.

For pickup trucks or vans, the decal works best in the upper right corner of the rear-window glass.

For the best adhesion and weatherproofing, wipe the glass first with a clean dry cotton towel before applying the decal. Do not apply the decal to your vehicle's paint, as it will damage the finish during removal.

Additional Decals
If you need additional decals, please contact the Fleetwood West Security Director.

If you observe suspicious activity in our neighborhood, please call the Houston Police Department Emergency Number 911. For non-emergencies, call HPD at 713-884-3131.