Architectural Control

Click on the links below for Fleetwood West POA Architectural Policies

Architectural Control Guidelines and Application Form

Recorded Guidelines for Display of Flags

Recorded Guidelines for Rainwater Recovery Systems

Recorded Guidelines for Display of Certain Religious Items

Recorded Solar Energy Devices and Roofing Materials Policy

If you plan to make any changes outside your home, check the Architectural Control Guidelines to determine if you need to submit an application form to the Architectural Control Committee.

The application form is on the last page of the Guidelines. Be sure to include plans, color samples, product brochures, etc. that may be necessary for review. Submit the completed form and any accompanying materials to the Fleetwood West Architectural Control Committee Chair. Please be aware that the volunteer Committee may take up to 30 days to review your request.

The value of neighborhood architectural control relates directly to the market value of your home and the potential for a significant return when you sell. Property values in the Energy Corridor have risen over the past year and homes are selling for much more per foot and faster than in past years.

Those who wish to live close to their work place have more than one choice of subdivisions, and we want Fleetwood West to be high on their list. A clean, well maintained and beautifully landscaped subdivision is what can result from an effective Architectural Control program in our neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please contact the Architectural Control Committee Chair.