Video Surveillance System Installed
To Deter Neighborhood Crime

Fleetwood West and Fleetwood have partnered to install a digital video surveillance system at all four subdivision entrances in an effort to deter crime in our neighborhood. In addition, Fleetwood West has posted six “Video Surveillance” signs in our area to enhance the criminal deterrence effect.

If you observe suspicious activity in our neighborhood, please call the Houston Police Department Emergency Number 911. For non-emergencies, call HPD at 713-884-3131.

Personal Home Security

Please note that the neighborhood video surveillance system is not intended to replace the need for your own personal security at home. The system is designed to enhance our collective security, not to eliminate the need for good home security practices, such as installing a monitored alarm system and keeping your doors locked and garage closed.

Should criminal activity occur on your property, please remember to tell the police officer taking your report to contact the Fleetwood West Security Director for any relevant video evidence that may have been recorded. It would also be helpful if you could provide the officer with as many details possible, such as the time frame of the event, vehicle description, etc. Having this information will expedite the historical video search effort, plus significantly improve validity of the evidence.

The Houston Police Department has some great crime prevention tips online here. If you are interested in a professional assessment of your home’s security, contact Sergeant Mitch Hutter of the Harris Count Precinct 5 Constable’s office at